“We are all about making it easy at Quotes Parade.” – Petra Jerkovic, President

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We are focused on “putting the life back into life insurance”, so you will always get to talk directly with a licensed insurance professional.

Online calculators cannot assess your individual needs or assess all the different carries options. No-CalculatorsThat is where our highly trained agents come to the rescue!

Why Quotes Parade

  1. Founded by industry professionals
  2. You always talk to a trained and licensed agent
  3. Deepest selection of insurance carries, getting you the best policy options and prices

Furthermore, we have a specialty in placing higher risk groups such as individuals with diabetes and cancer survivors.

Value Proposition

Life is complicated.

Work, school, hobbies–there is no shortage of commitments in our daily lives. At Quotes Parade we recognize that time is your most valuable and rarest asset. So we have developed an educational platform, backed by a team of expert advisors, to help you make informed and efficient decisions regarding your life insurance planning.


In an age with instant communication and robo-advisors, the human element is being removed from our daily lives. At Quotes Parade we believe that every individual is unique and has a story to tell. No life fits into an algorithm or an off-the-rack solution. Your story defines you and is the most important part of how you plan for your legacy. Come share it with us.

While other firms offer quick access to policy purchases, our value is in the consultative planning and understanding of your life. This allows us to take your story and find an underwriter who understands and appreciates you as a partner–giving you the best coverage and the best pricing in the market.

So come talk to our advisors and see what happens when we put the life back into life insurance.

About the Company

Meeting-in-an-Office-SpaceQuotes Parade is an independent insurance brokerage offering bespoke solutions for life, long term care, disability, and special risk needs. We operate in the United States.

About the Leadership Team

Quotes Parade is private equity owned. Its governance and advisory boards are comprised of experts in the insurance, marketing, legal, and financial planning industries. For further inquiries on investor relations, please contact us.


A Letter from Our President

I would like to welcome you to Quotes Parade, a cloud-based brokerage providing counsel and advice to demystify life insurance. We are privileged that you are considering us as a partner in your planning needs. While you will find that we have access to all insurance providers and products in the life insurance, disability, and long-term care marketplace, the heart of our business is helping match you with a solution which is most appropriate for your specific needs. I recognize that behind each question you ask lies a need to protect your family and the causes which are dear to you. This the one principle which I strive to instill across our entire organization: people matter.

In a world where change is constant, interaction is being reduced through automation, and communication is instantaneous, Quotes Parade will be a refreshing experience. Our team uses knowledge to help you plan, relationships to help you find an affordable solution, and humanity to assure you are not overwhelmed. Our objective advice is meant to provide the education necessary to make an informed decision. We will help guide you, not dictate products to buy.

As a first generation immigrant and a mother, I drafted this note to personally thank you for taking the first steps in protecting the things and the people you love most. Family has always been important to me and I hope this value translates into your conversations with us. My team and I are fully committed to providing you with the principled guidance and care that you need most. So welcome to Quotes Parade–where we put the life back into life insurance.

Truly yours,

Petra Jerkovic
Quotes Parade