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Putting the Life Back into Life Insurance

No CalculatorsUnlike other websites which provide you with a “free quote tool”, Quotes Parade believes that the only way find the right solution is through human interaction. Many of these online “life insurance calculators” ask you to check a bunch of boxes and then feed you the same off-the-shelf solution which hundreds of other people have received. Often, the pricing these calculators provide is based upon expired rates and does not account for personal health and family medical history. The result? You never get the price promised when using the calculator.

Phone-AgentWhat most people do not realize is that, even after using an online tool, you will still need to speak with a person to receive a true quote. Quotes Parade has eliminated the confusion and extra steps in the planning process by simply connecting you with a licensed broker who will learn about your needs and provide you with guidance–empowering you to make the best decision for yourself and loved ones.

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We are ready to speak with you on your terms and on your schedule. Our experts have experience with negotiating coverage, developing planning needs, and having delicate conversations around medical history and health issues. Allow us to help guide you. In as little as 10 minutes we can craft a custom solution and provide you a plan of action.

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