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Death & Taxes – How Do These Two Certainties Compare?

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death & taxes. - Benjamin Franklin A timeless cliche' which poignantly illustrates the pain we all feel. Taxes, while something which helps a civilized world exist and evolve, hurt. After all, isn't there something else which you would prefer to do with your money? However [...]

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Final Expenses vs. Life Insurance – A Detailed Look

We get it: life is messy and full of difficult conversations. One of the hardest is making final arrangements for you or a loved one. At Quotes Parade, we understand this conversation better than most. So we have developed this guide based on common expenses we see for our clients. It will illustrate how you [...]

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Philanthropic Uses Of Life Insurance

Congratulations on joining an elite group of people who dedicate a portion of their success to helping others. Philanthropy is the backbone of humanity and takes many shapes & sizes. At Quotes Parade, we are proud to be a part of philanthropic planning. For those who are sure that they want to give back but may not [...]

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