Cloudsky’s Breakthrough in Computing Power: A Game-Changer at the 2023 Wuzhen Summit

Addressing the Wuzhen Summit, the speakers, from left to right, included Liu Xiangming, Co-founder and Co-CEO of TMTPost; Cheng Caohong, CTO and Vice President of DingTalk; Crusoe Mao, Founder and Chairman of Cloudsky; Raymond Tang, Chairman and CEO of Yinxiang Biji; and Yuan Zhou, CEO and Founder of Zhihu.

The 2023 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit unfolded its tenth-anniversary edition under the theme “Creating an Inclusive and Resilient Digital World Beneficial to All.” Amidst the tech giants and innovators, Cloudsky, a leading player in cloud computing infrastructure and services, seized the spotlight, showcasing its pivotal contributions to the rapid evolution of the digital economy. … Read more