Cloudsky’s Breakthrough in Computing Power: A Game-Changer at the 2023 Wuzhen Summit

The 2023 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit unfolded its tenth-anniversary edition under the theme “Creating an Inclusive and Resilient Digital World Beneficial to All.” Amidst the tech giants and innovators, Cloudsky, a leading player in cloud computing infrastructure and services, seized the spotlight, showcasing its pivotal contributions to the rapid evolution of the digital economy.

Unveiling Technological Triumphs

As the summit commenced, Cloudsky, spearheaded by its Founder and Chairman, Crusoe Mao, stood at the forefront of the digital revolution. The company proudly displayed its achievements, emphasizing the critical role of computing power in propelling innovations like cloud gaming, VR, AR, and more.

A Decade of Technological Advancements

Marking the summit’s tenth anniversary, the Wuzhen Summit has been a beacon for highlighting technological advancements. Cloudsky, alongside other tech giants, demonstrated its commitment to driving progress in the tech landscape. With over two decades of research and development, Crusoe Mao has been a trailblazer, steering Cloudsky towards breaking frontiers in technology.

Mr. Mao’s Vision: An Inclusive and Resilient Digital World

During the summit, Crusoe Mao addressed the audience, stressing the need to build an inclusive and resilient digital world. He advocated for a shift from solely enhancing the computing power of terminal devices to leveraging cloud computing for accelerated computational capabilities. In his words, this shift is pivotal in revolutionizing the digital lifestyle, enhancing inclusivity, and making the digital economy more accessible.

“Computing power is the foundation for all smart terminals. The application of cloud computing will revolutionize terminal computing power needs, empowering everyone’s terminal experience and reshaping lifestyle and demand patterns in the digital economy era,” emphasized Mr. Mao.

Cloudsky’s Impact Across Industries

Cloudsky’s cloud computing solutions have seamlessly integrated into various industries. From entertainment realms like cloud gaming and e-sports to workspace scenarios such as ultra-high-definition conferences and autonomous driving simulation testing, Cloudsky’s computing power services have left an indelible mark.

Pioneering Technology Adoption Beyond Entertainment

Mr. Mao acknowledged the challenges of introducing new technology into diverse industries. He highlighted the entertainment sector’s early adoption due to its manageable experimentation environment. Sectors like live streaming and gaming, with simplified models and parameters, pave the way. Cloudsky, however, is not stopping there. According to Mr. Mao, a gradual transition from entertainment to other sectors is on the horizon, and Cloudsky is actively steering in that direction.

In essence, Cloudsky’s breakthroughs in computing power showcased at the Wuzhen Summit underline not just technological prowess but a commitment to reshaping the digital landscape, one innovative stride at a time.

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