Hopeless Romantic Quotes

“You’re the one for whom my soul cries out for, the one who I love.”
“Love is when a single soul inhabits two bodies.”
“There can only be life where there is love.”
“I’ll always be here for you precisely because I’m a hopeless romantic.”
“I just can’t help it – I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.”
“You know what the beast beautifier is? Love.”
“The one whom my soul loves is you – no question about it.”
“I will probably always be a romantic.”
“The trick is being a romantic that also has a dirty mind.”
“Being both a sarcastic genius and a romantic at heart gets really exhausting sometimes!”
“If you can choose what you can hold onto in life, choose each other.”
“It’s irresistible to wish to be desired irresistibly.”
“We’re all still falling in love in words, being romantics.”
“Being a true romantic should be tempered with realism, but it shouldn’t stop love.”
“I’ve never been anything else than a true hopeless romantic.”
“Love spreads exactly like a virus. It can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere.”
“You must strive to be a hopeless romantic in spite of heartbreaks or commitment issues!”
“I don’t know what souls are made from, but mine and his are of the same material.”
“Handwritten letters have a special kind of hopeless romantic feel.”
“Spoiling my girlfriends is just part of who I am – a romantic!”
“Only the heart can see what is invisible to the eye.”
“Perhaps the most excruciating of all feelings is longing for a lost love.”
“I do not know if anything in this world is perpetual, except for you.”
“The only way that I can understand all that I understand is through love, because I love.”
“Follow the motto of a true hopeless romantic – love her, or leave her”
“Loving and losing someone is better than never having loved at all.”
“Let’s just fall in love, even birds and bees do it!.”
“The best love stories start with an improbable beginning.”
“I want a love and a romance so grand that it would awe even Shakespeare.”
“My faith in love is real. If I love someone, I’ll give it my all.”
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