Lucifer Morningstar Quotes

Lucifer Morningstar Quotes:-

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Lucifer Morningstar was a 15th-century character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. He was known as an angel, but he also acted as the Devil’s messenger, first appearing for his own gain and then for that of the Queen of Hearts in order to steal her ears. He is often considered an ancestor to “Lucifer”, the title character in “Hellboy”.

Although little is actually known about him, other heavenly beings such as Michael and Samael are also represented by this figure from Christian mythology. The name Lucifer (also written as El or El ohim) is the Hebrew personal name of God, and it can refer to his “Light” or “Star”.

Lucifer Morningstar Quotes

Miracles aren’t my thing, but I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.Lucifer Morningstar

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Sinner. It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Saint. Nobody Wins, So What’s The Point?Lucifer Morningstar

And I Can’t Stop Asking Myself. Why Do I Hate Myself So Much?!Lucifer Morningstar

You Shouldn’t Have To Change For Anyone. And Neither Should I.Lucifer Morningstar

People don’t have power over us. We give it to them.Lucifer Morningstar

Hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.Lucifer Morningstar

A deal’s a deal, especially one with the Devil.Lucifer Morningstar



I am a Devil of my word.Lucifer Morningstar

Let me play the Me’s advocate…Lucifer Morningstar

What happens in Heaven, stays in Heaven.Lucifer Morningstar

You shouldn’t have to change for anyone. And neither should I.Lucifer Morningstar

You see, what I hate more than anything is a liar. A charlatan. Someone who doesn’t believe in what they say.Lucifer Morningstar

The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.Lucifer Morningstar

Look, people like you. they find you helpful, like duct tape or a trusty socket wrench.Lucifer Morningstar

People sometimes kill the people with whom they’re in love. The heart’s mysterious.Lucifer Morningstar


Trust me, a church confessional has nothing compared to pillow talk.Lucifer Morningstar

When in doubt, go with the classics. That’s what I always say.Lucifer Morningstar

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Ah, well, no need to thank me for my heroism. Well, maybe just a little. No one’s stopping you.Lucifer Morningstar

As though I wanted people to suffer. All I ever wanted was to be my own man here.Lucifer Morningstar

My First Love Was Never Eve. It Was You, Chloe. It Always Has Been.Lucifer Morningstar

People Sometimes Kill The People With Whom They’re In Love. The Heart’s Mysterious.Lucifer Morningstar

People Don’t Arrive Broken. They Start With Passion And Yearning Till Something Comes Along That Disabuses Them Of Those Notions.Lucifer Morningstar

It Hurts, Not Being Accepted For Who You Are.Lucifer Morningstar

Sometimes Betrayal Come From The Ones We Expect The LeastLucifer Morningstar

When angels fall, they also rise.Lucifer Morningstar

What I hate more than anything is a liar, a charlatan, someone who does not believe in what they say.Lucifer Morningstar

People don’t arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning until something comes along that disabused them of those notions.Lucifer Morningstar


Sometimes we are what we are and we should embrace that.Lucifer Morningstar

People sometimes kill the people with whom they are in love. The heart is mysterious.Lucifer Morningstar

Why do humans think they can rectify one evil with another?Lucifer Morningstar

You shouldn’t have to change for anyone. And neither should I.Lucifer Morningstar

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